Tune-Up Packages

Basic: $50 - the perfect maintenance package for any cyclist who wanting the bike to run smoothly on a regular basis.

  • Bike wash and clean drivetrain

  • Chain Lube

  • Adjustments to front and rear brakes

  • Adjustments to front and rear derailleur

Performance: $100 - this package is ideal as a prep for race season or before your big local charity ride; recommended semi-annually.

  • All of the basic +

  • Tire inflation

  • Front and Rear Hub adjustment

  • Wheels trued

  • Headset check and adjustment

Premium: $175 - simply put, this package is a break down and rebuild of your bike. We recommend this service annually to keep your bike running like new. 

  • All of the basic and premium +

  • Replace shifting and brake cables and cable housing (cable costs included in package)

  • Front and rear hub overhaul (excluding any additional parts cost)

  • Bottom bracket overhaul (excluding additional parts)

  • New bar tape (basic wrap)

  • Inspection of bearings

À la Carte Services:

We provide a full range of à la carte services, from crash checks to new chain installs to packing your bike for shipment.  Please call us if you have questions regarding any of our add on service charges.

Service Team

Our main objective: to provide the quality care your bike needs for you to ride with peace of mind. Our staff believes in providing unparalleled customer service and is committed to keeping you on your two wheels. 



"I. Like. Bikes." pretty much sums up Everett. As a 9 year old, he made neighborhood rounds to drum up mechanic business. From bike tours to rentals to mechanic work, Everett does it all with a big smile if it involves bicycles. Chair of The Bike Friendly Community Committee, Everett also helps conduct overviews for bike infrastructure projects in Little Rock, AR.  



Jason has been cycling and wrenching bikes since he was a kid. Over the years, he’s competed professionally as a BMX racer, road cyclist, and track cyclist. Jason has several years of experience in the industry, having previously worked at Orbea USA. Jason is also a member the U.S. Paralympics national team with his sights set on competing in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.